There can be no doubt that lockdown has affected the whole nation on a personal level but it has also left an indelible mark on our priorities and preferences within the home, particularly in respect of kitchen design. With so much more time spent at home, real cooking and baking have emerged as not only essential for refuelling the family but a rewarding pastime that has brought the family closer together at a time of loss and uncertainty. We are now more considerate about the way we want to coexist in our homes and kitchen design must reflect this. Here are some of the changes in priorities we have seen from our clients during lockdown:-


Hygiene has naturally risen high on clients list of concerns. We are seeing more requests for two sinks per kitchen with touch taps, previously little known outside professional kitchens. Popularity has grown for taps such as Grohe’s Essence Smart Control kitchen mixers, incorporating “push and turn” technology which allow the user to start and stop the water flow with the push of a button, using hand, wrist, forearm or elbow.

The Quooker boiling hot water tap has become the norm in a bespoke kitchen, not only for the benefits of instant hot water in cooking and drink preparation but to sanitise. And there’s more interest in smooth, easy-clean surfaces such as Corian as it can be seamlessly jointed thus kept spotlessly clean. Naturally antimicrobial materials such as copper, brass and wood have also gained in popularity for splashbacks and counters.

Blues and Green Kitchens

Maybe it’s the yearning for warm green sea and blue sky overseas or simply the English summer green meadows and clear skies. Either way, blue and green kitchens have never been more popular than during lockdown. Little Greene has identified an unrivalled selection of 31 beautiful greens, with 20 National Trust derived shades. It is also noteworthy that Farrrow and Ball have extended their blue range with new colours Pitch Blue, Ultra Marine Blue and Scotch Blue.

Bringing the outside inside

Whilst restrictions have been placed on movement outside the home, house plants have lifted the lockdown blues for many by bringing the outside inside. Patch, an online indoor plant retailer, saw an increase in sales of 500% during the lockdowns. Caring for a living object has been the perfect antidote for some, not only creating a tranquil indoor sanctuary in these stressful times but with the added bonus of making the home Zoom-ready!

Power sockets

With more people working from home and children home schooling there has been an awareness for the need of multiple power sockets in the kitchen. Pop up sockets within a kitchen island are a popular new addition or integrating sockets within a kitchen island cupboard.


Kitchen extensions and open plan living are aspirational additions to the home for many and often tiling is used throughout the floor area. Whilst this creates a great sense of space, hard surfaces can amplify noise, particularly when there are more members of the family in the house at one time. So, using sound absorbing materials in the kitchen such as upholstered stools, rugs and wooden work surfaces to dampen noise has increased in popularity.

Kitchen Larders and Pantries

The reduced frequency of shopping has encouraged more people to store staple dry foods at home such as flour and sugar for making pastry and home baking. So it’s not surprising that Larder cabinets and walk in pantries have made a huge resurgence during the pandemic. Keeping baking ingredients, pasta and canned food in one place is the perfect storage solution. Larders can also perform the useful function of concealing electrical equipment like coffee machines or mixers which would otherwise clutter the work surface.

Cocktail Bars

As some clients anticipate that socialising at home will be the norm for many months to come we are receiving an increasing number of commissions to incorporate a party space into the kitchen. Cocktail bars in the home are a spectacular addition to a kitchen project which have increased hugely during lockdown.

We like to combine functionality with fun and glamour including mirrored back, open lit glass shelving or glass racks with wine coolers and drink fridges. Because everything we make is bespoke, we can make a bar to fit your room perfectly, with internal specification as you wish. And if space is more challenging. you may simply opt for a single champagne cooler in the kitchen island to give a wow factor with separate drinks cabinet and shelving for glasses and bottles.

Pets in the kitchen


With a boom in pet ownership during lockdown we have seen great interest in our famous dog beds and cat window seats. Take a look at the article above featured in ‘Studio’ magazine for interior design professionals.



Broken plan

Clients are increasingly choosing to separate sections of their kitchens that perform different functions. There has been a resurgence of larger utility rooms to keep open plan cooking areas more manageable. Reading areas and an area to use as a home office within the kitchen is a consistent request for post-Covid kitchens.

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