Everyone admires an organised and tidy, well designed kitchen with structure but you don’t want your kitchen to look bland and uninteresting like a replica of someone else’s, so how do you add personality to you kitchen? Here are a few tips on exactly how to create a unique kitchen, personal to you.

1. Bespoke

A bespoke kitchen is the key to individuality. At Handcrafted Kitchens every kitchen we design and make is specific to your requirements, no two kitchens are the same whether it’s in a bijoux apartment or Georgian Mansion. We make all our bespoke kitchens in our Hazel Grove workshop to fit your space perfectly, whatever the size. We don’t believe in stockpiling standard sized cabinets, we make your kitchen when you place your order. So, whatever the dimensions of your kitchen and whatever style you desire, Classic, Farmhouse or a Contemporary kitchen we will make it to fit your space perfectly. We will even craft it around your furry friends.

Dogbed Marple Kitchen

2. Colour

At Handcrafted Kitchens we don’t restrict you to a colour chart, we give you free rein to choose any colour from any collection. So, if you prefer classic colours such as white or grey, you can choose any shade. If you prefer a touch of colour the sky is the limit. The current most popular tones are bold blues and cool green and greys but we sense a change for 2021 with a move towards deep green and natural taupe. Using a strong colour for a kitchen island will continue to be a key kitchen design trend.

3. Foliage

Whether it’s herbs like Rosemary and basil or house plants like English Ivy or spider plants, greenery is a simple way to add personality to your kitchen. On a shelf perched in a beautiful ceramic pot or in a seagrass sling suspended from the ceiling, the individual twists and turns of growing live plants will make your kitchen literally, come to life! If you want a really personal touch why not add a herb garden into your kitchen island that transforms into a champagne bucket in the evening?

4. Lighting

When you think of kitchen lighting you instantly think of statement pendant lighting over a kitchen island or a kitchen table. However, there are other subtle options when it comes to kitchen lighting which allow more control to create a mood for every time of the day. Glass cabinets with internal LED lighting can highlight a collection of favourite treasures, a family heirloom of vintage crockery or modern cut glass crystal. A kitchen island can be lit underneath the work surface or with floor lighting to give the appearance of floating. Wall lights can also be used effectively in an open plan kitchen to diffuse the mood from practical working space to relaxed dining space.

5. Artwork

In the past, kitchen artwork consisted of children’s paintings fixed onto a fridge magnet. With open plan living, artwork in the kitchen should compliment the rest of the living space. You may however consider theming kitchen artwork to display pieces that have a personal meaning such as a handwritten poem, a recipe or special message.

6. Texture

Texture in a kitchen adds warmth and depth to the ambience. Of course a kitchen needs to be easy to wipe clean but that doesn’t mean that texture has to be overlooked, especially for the less hard working surfaces. Consider mixing work surfaces; an oak worksurface for a kitchen island mixed with quartz. A concrete floor or natural stone will add visual and tactile interest. Add a hardwearing rug or runner for colour and pattern and to soften solid surfaces in a kitchen.

7. Displaying a few of your favourite things

A beautiful collection of your favourite treasures displayed in a kitchen dresser, a simple glass cabinet or an open shelf can make a really big impact. Antique crockery, vintage glassware, beautiful storage jars, interesting cooking utensils or even a state of the art coffee machines can give character to a kitchen and add a personal touch.

8. Old and New

Fusing styles and periods is a great way to add individuality to a kitchen. A sleek contemporary kitchen can be beautifully set off with an antique dresser or old church bench. Similarly, a classic kitchen contrasts well with the clean, modern lines of glass pendant lights.

9. Kitchen island accent

Rather than simply emptying fruit into a bowl randomly, think about the composition. Choose the bowl carefully, and use a collection of three to make it more interesting. Create a work of art by including a variety of fruit, not only will it look beautiful, it will encourage younger members of the family to eat their 5 a day.

10. Patterns

Kitchens should be designed to be practical and easy to clean but patterns can still play an important part in adding individuality. Patterned tiles, a floral window blind, upholstered seating or a throw are all ways of introducing a personal touch into a functional space.


If you would like us to design a handmade kitchen with bags of personality for you why not fill in our contact page for a free design consultation with us. Brings us your ideas and we will work together to create a truly unique kitchen design.