Adding a touch of luxury with copper accessories has enjoyed a huge resurgence of popularity in interior design over the last couple of years and shows no sign of retreating. The draw to this magical metal with its warm and earthy glow is almost instinctive. Copper was one of the first metals to be used for making implements after it’s discovery in the middle east 9000 BC. During the ‘Copper Age’ 6000 – 2500 BC it was used to make all sorts of coins, tools and weapons until the discovery of Bronze, a more durable alloy of copper and tin which gradually replaced pure copper for making utility items. The aesthetic lure of this rich and lustrous metal has however endured and is now more than ever being used to bring a touch of luxury to everyday items.

Such is the versatility of copper it can be used in modern or traditional kitchens alike. Bespoke classic shaker and rustic, in frame kitchens being more suited to natural unpolished copper, a little tarnish giving way to the depth of brassy undertones adds an authentic weathered look. In contrast, touches of highly polished copper give a more modern dimension to contemporary shaker in-frame kitchens or a modern flat fronted scandi designs. For those who favour a more industrial look why not use exposed copper piping?

There are so many ways to incorporate copper into your kitchen and whilst the emergence of copper finished products has made the look very fashionable, we advise to use sparingly. Try to resist the temptation of using copper in every imaginable shape or form. A touch of glamour and opulence used to highlight or accent is much more effective and can easily be substituted when the next trend comes along.

Cooking utensils. In a traditional kitchen try using copper pans which are not only stylish but great to cook with. You can obtain a similar effect using copper colanders, stovetop kettles, measuring spoons and ladles. In a modern kitchen perhaps look at a copper electric kettle and toaster or stand-alone mixer for consistency.

Appliances and finishing touches. Copper taps are a great place to start, either in a contemporary setting with a copper sink or in a more traditional setting with a cream ceramic Belfast sink. The Quooker hot water tap range is now available in copper as well as brass and gold if you order in advance. A range cooker with stainless steel finish and copper detailing complements a contemporary modern shaker kitchen or scandi modern flat door kitchen beautifully whilst copper detailing on a traditional coloured range is more suited to a traditional classic shaker kitchen with a kitchen mantel.

Modern Shaker Kitchen with Copper Accessories

Lighting and walls. Why not use copper as an alternative to glass or quartz for your splashback? Copper pendant lights are hugely popular and add a sense of timeless opulence. For something a little easier to install try a large copper clock on the kitchen mantle or hanging polished copper pots and pans above the kitchen Island.

We hope you have learnt a little about the history of copper and how to accessorise your kitchen with indulgent touches. If you have been inspired and would like to discuss any of the design ideas why not call us on 07894666301 book a free design consultation with us for a bespoke handmade kitchen.