There is no doubt that the UK is a nation of animal lovers with an estimated 9.9 million dogs and 10.9 million cats in our homes. So when designing a kitchen, at Handcrafted Kitchens we like to look after your pets too!

Here’s some ideas to indulge your furry friends whilst protecting them and yourself from daily hazards.

handmade dog bed

A bespoke dog bed in your kitchen cabinets

Our famous handmade dog beds are a cosy retreat for your dog or cat in the kitchen. It enables them to stay close to you whilst you are preparing the dinner, enjoying the added warmth from the heat of the oven, whilst keeping safe from under your feet. Our kitchen designers can help you choose the best place to dedicate to your pampered pooch!

boot room

Boot Room

A boot room serves as a buffer from the outside into your home, a luxury area near your door specifically designed to take care of muddy wet paws from your dog or cat and store all your outside footwear and coats. You can hang up the collars and leads, give you dog a shampoo in the sink and dry and brush them down before they are let loose into the rest of the house.

handmade dog bed
belfast sink

Large Belfast sink in your utility room

If you haven’t got space for a boot room why not install a large Belfast sink into your utility room with a flexible hose tap. Most mediums sized dogs will fit happily in an 800cm sink and think of the bills you will save at the doggy parlour!

cat seat

Upholstered seating for your cats to bask in the sun

Cats love a raised upholstered seat in the kitchen so they can see what’s going on inside and out and it’s much more hygienic than them jumping on the work surface.

cat seat with storage
handmade dog bed

Hidden storage for food bowls and food

This bespoke seating has handy storage below for bowls, food, medicines, cat litter, treats and grooming equipment. Creating a dedicated space makes access easier and keeps clutter at bay, preventing tripping hazards.

cat in kitchen

Food safety

It’s important to store food that is harmful to pets such as chocolate, grapes, coffee away from access to dogs as they can be toxic if ingested. Cats are less likely to eat such food stuffs but do have a habit of jumping on worktops so make sure you keep any foodstuffs on the work surface covered in a Tupperware box

cat on kitchen table

Toxic cleaning products

Keeping your kitchen clean, particularly when you have animals is paramount but some cleaning products are toxic to animals and humans when swallowed. Make sure you assign a cupboard specifically for cleaning products that is capable of being locked and if you use a cleaner with bleach on your floor make sure it is dry before you allow your pets to walk on it.

handmade dog bed

Appliance safety

Appliances such as induction hobs are not only energy efficient but keep your pets safe. They use an electromagnetic circuit so that they’re only ever heating up when a pan is actually in contact with them – reducing the risk of your pet burning themselves on an open gas flame.

Kitchen knives and other cutlery can also be an issue for cats and dogs. Child proofing latches can be applied to drawers whilst knives can be stored in an integrated block in your drawer.

dogs in kitchen

Durable Flooring

Wooden flooring can become scratched by animals so it’s not the best thing to install if you have dogs and cats. Be aware that natural stone flooring is porous so will need regularly resealing particularly with the added wear and tear from animals. If you love the look of wood, choose porcelain tiles with a wood effect or vinyl flooring because they are easy to maintain and clean.

dachshund in kitchen

If you would like any advice on kitchen design that takes care of your favourite friends call us on 0161 4837 821 for a free design consultation.