If you are looking forward to investing in a handmade kitchen for 2021 why not give us a call to secure a free Quooker Pro 3 Chrome Flex, available with any new complete bespoke kitchen order placed by 21st December 2020?

At Handcrafted Kitchens everything we make is individually designed and handmade to fit you and your families lifestyle so you don’t have to compromise on quality or style. We make bespoke kitchens to fit any space whether you live in a terraced townhouse, country cottage, detached property or an apartment. You may be building a new extension with an open plan kitchen or simply refitting an existing kitchen. We will guide you through the kitchen design process, but most importantly we’ll listen to you and make a unique kitchen tailored to your requirements. We will of course also advise you on the best kitchen appliances and worktops to suit your needs.

The Quooker hot water tap is high on the ‘wish list’ for most of our clients but we realise that they are a luxury appliance and can be replaced by the good old kettle if you have a tight budget. So, what better early Christmas present than a free Quooker Pro 3 Chrome Flex which provides instant hot, cold and filtered cold water and is equipped with a flexible pull out hose?

When you look at all the advantages of the Quooker there’s just no comparison with a kettle for today’s contemporary kitchen:-

Instant 100° C boiling water reducing preparation time

100°C boiling water is available all day long, so no waiting for the kettle to boil, invaluable at busy times like breakfast. Making tea or coffee, warming babies milk or poaching eggs is instant. And at dinner time you can prepare super quick poached fish, noodles, potatoes, pasta and more. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

The safest choice

A Quooker has several features which make it safer than a kettle; the flow of water is fine droplets not a single solid jet, the sophisticated child safe handle ensures it never automatically dispenses hot water, the rotatable spout ensures you can aim precisely and it can not tip over like a kettle or pan of water on a hob.


Climate change is an issue for all of us and by installing a Quooker you will be reducing wasted energy. When you dispense water from the Quooker you use the exact amount of water you need unlike a kettle which is often half unused. And, there’s no need to purchase filtered water in single use plastics anymore as you can simply dispense perfectly chilled filtered water into your own reusable container.

Your water tastes better

With a Quooker in your home you can enjoy the best tasting drinking water any time of the day because it is filtered through active carbon leaving all impurities behind in the filter. So any chlorine, bacteria, pesticides or other contamination will be removed from the water. What’s more the water is completely boiled through and stored in the tank at a temperature of 110°C.

Saves energy

A Quooker is the most energy efficient hot water appliance on the market and awarded the Energy label A. Because the water tank is stored in a tank at 110°C under the sink rather than traveling all the way from your boiler it is more efficient at conserving energy, saving you money.

More space in the kitchen

Kitchen design is more versatile with a Quooker as you don’t need to worry about the position of the kettle or the proximity to the sink. This naturally releases space on the kitchen work surface that can be used more efficiently and move one step closer to the envy of all, a clear work surface!


So, if you would like a free Quooker Pro 3 in your new Handcrafted Kitchen give us a call or complete our contact page to arrange a design consultation for your unique bespoke kitchen in 2021.