It’s that time of the year when there’s a nip in the air, the days are getting shorter, and the trees are just starting to show a hint of a change in colour. Bespoke boot rooms come into their own at Autumn time, somewhere to air muddy boots after a long day out in the country or simply a haven for wet clothes after a day’s shopping!

Bootroom in Grasmere

We might have said goodbye to those warm evenings in the garden with peaches in Prosecco but now it’s time to harvest blackberries from the hedgerows and gather the last of any fresh produce from the garden to preserve in the kitchen larder. In the words of John Keats, the ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ is truly upon us.

apples in kitchen sink Chorlton
Pumpkins on quartz worktop hale

With this metaphor in mind, we can celebrate the wonderfully warm array of colours and textures that this season inspires. At Handcrafted Kitchens each cabinet is handmade and unique so we love to give clients the choice to paint their kitchen cabinets any colour of their choice, from deep damson and aubergine through to blue – green and willow, mellow yellow, soft salmon to burnt orange or deep turquoise to forest green.

willow kitchen

So why not take some inspiration from the kitchen collections below to create the perfect palette in your bespoke kitchen.

Rangemaster Red
Red Everhot

Rich Berry Red

Red is a classic colour, which traditionally represents passion, love and power but it’s also associated with food and has been shown to increase appetite so perfect for the kitchen. With so many shades it can be used in a rustic country kitchen to make a striking statement, on a kitchen wall to create warmth or as an accent colour on a kitchen island or Everhot cooker.

aubergine kitchen island Wilmbledon

Deep damson through to warm aubergine

Choosing a rich aubergine or damson will bring a welcoming warmth into your kitchen space. This brilliant colour palette is extremely adaptable, for example in the bespoke classic kitchen below in Wimbledon the cabinet colour has been combined with solid walnut and Plantium painted cabinets for added layers of depth and texture.

Golden Yellow Kitchen Wilmslow

Mellow Yellow and Burnt Orange

Warm and comforting like a ginger and orange soup or golden yellow butternut squash. Burnt oranges and mellow yellows are an all-time autumn classic, reminiscent of spiced pumpkin lattes in candlelit rooms beside a glowing open fire. Feel the warmth from this golden yellow bespoke kitchen in Wilmslow.

Salmon kitchen
Salmon Kitchen

Soft Salmon

One of nature’s greatest spectacles in autumn is to watch salmon leaping as they return to their breeding grounds. This bespoke kitchen below in Macclesfield is painted in a beautifully subtle soft delicate shade of salmon which is so fresh and inviting.

Hot chocolate kitchen island wilmslow

Hot Chocolate

The warm earthy tone of this classic shaker kitchen island in Wilmslow creates a subtle, warm atmosphere. Imagine a perfect cup of comforting hot chocolate, a magical addition to any autumnal afternoon tea!

Red berry, turquoise and sage kitchen Halton

Blue Green, turquoise and willow

When visualising the typical autumn shades you tend to imagine burnt orange and brown shades of the fallen leaves, but equally turquoise and forest greens are winners, especially when offset by a soft berry red. These lush colours will bring an eclectic autumnal glow into your kitchen that is sure to look amazing all year round!

Beech seating
Willow Green Dresser


If you would like to discuss plans for your new bespoke kitchen whether you have in mind a painted kitchen or solid wood, a whole fitted kitchen or freestanding kitchen cabinets, or simply a statement piece like a kitchen larder cabinet or bench seating, contact us for a free design consultation, we are always happy to help with new and innovative kitchen design concepts.