While entertaining guests in the home is just a dream at the moment, it won’t be long before we can welcome family and friends back, now the Covid vaccination programme is under way. One of the benefits of lockdown has been that we’ve all improved our culinary skills so it’s the ideal time to look at ways to improve your kitchen, ready for home entertaining. Here are a few of our top tips to consider :-

open plan kitchen

1. An Open Plan Kitchen

An open plan kitchen is the perfect choice for entertaining, from mums and dads coffee mornings, kids birthday parties through to special dinner parties. Your guests can enjoy one large space together for cooking, dining and relaxing which is particularly useful if you have guests of different ages. You may need to consider knocking an internal wall down in your home to achieve an open plan space or perhaps a first floor extension. A consultation with an Architectural Technologist will advise you of the possibilities.

2. A Kitchen Island

Large kitchen islands with barstools are great for entertaining whether you choose an L-Shaped, Straight Line, U-Shaped, Parallel or Peninsula island. Nothing draws a crowd like the smell of food but you may not want your guests inside the kitchen. A kitchen island provides space between you and your guests but invites them to keep you company with a drink, whilst you are free to complete the finishing touches.

kitchen house plants

3. Add some house plants 

It’s scientifically proven that houseplants or herbs on a windowsill, perched on a shelf or hanging from the ceiling boost your mood, create a sense of calm and improve air quality. With the added bonus that fresh herbs always improve home made cuisine, they are a welcome addition to any kitchen!

champagne bucket

4. Champagne ice bucket in a kitchen island

A Champagne ice bucket inset into a kitchen island really adds the wow factor to your kitchen and is bound to impress your guests. Self serve, ice cold champagne means they can help themselves whilst you cook the dinner! Better make sure you have some reserves in the wine cooler!

home bar

5. Home bar in the kitchen

You’ll never be short of friends if you install a home bar! From a few designated shelves in your kitchen through to a full bespoke free standing cabinet, Handcrafted Kitchens can design and build a unique home bar for you, complete with wine cooler. No need to hire a venue for a party or book a taxi, you can do it all in house!

6. Glass cabinets

While you’re preparing diner, let your guests grab what they need without you. Glass-front cabinets make it easy to find which cabinet has the coffee cups and which has the wine glasses. Not only are glass-front kitchen cabinets convenient; they can also lighten up a space with their reflective properties, plus they’re a great place to display personal decorative items to make your kitchen more unique.

7. Install a good kitchen extractor

Whilst the finished result of cooking is an inviting aroma you don’t want your guests to smell stale air from earlier food preparation. We highly recommend downdraft extraction which removes odours and vapours at source, Bora is our favourite. However there are many more options if you prefer range cooking or an alternative induction hob. We recommend checking the extraction rate and noise level of your chosen extractor too find out if it is right for your space.

If you’d like to explore some ideas for a new kitchen to entertain in why don’t you give us a call 0161 4837821 or pop over your plans by email info@handcrafted-kitchens.co.uk.

At Handcrafted Kitchens we love new and innovative kitchen design. We make everything right here in Cheshire and will work with you to create your very own unique place to entertain friends and family.