We’ve all experienced more outdoor living this year courtesy of the glorious summer weather and of course more time spent at home with family. Even a small outdoor living space can do more than add value to your home – it can improve your overall health. Studies have proved that time outdoors improves your mood and reduces stress which in turn boosts the immune system. Memory retention is improved by as much as 20%, and as anyone with children will know, fresh air promotes better sleeping.

It won’t be long however before Autumn is upon us with the first cold snaps of weather and the school term will begin. So why not take the opportunity now to think about ways to bring the outdoors into your kitchen all year long to give a sense of wellbeing and balance throughout the year. Here are a few ideas to create a perfect indoor outdoor space.

St Albans Garden

Knock down an internal wall to create a large kitchen diner

A separate kitchen and dining room are often positioned at the back of a house individually overlooking the garden with neither room taking the full advantage of the view and access to the garden. Opening up 2 rooms by knocking through an interior wall to make one big space between a kitchen and dining room is not only quicker but more cost effective than having a kitchen extension. It allows a whole new area to socialise and relax with perfect access to the garden.

Hale Kitchen

Let natural light invade your home

The more natural light in your home the better so think about introducing as many windows and doors into your kitchen as possible. If you have space, opening up the entire back of the house with bifold or sliding doors into the garden makes the best link from outdoors to indoors. On single story extensions also think about including skylights or window lanterns.

Light in Kitchen Heaton Moor
Bifold in kitchen Stockport

Merge the indoor and outdoor space with natural flooring

Using the same natural materials for the flooring indoors and on the patio outdoor makes a strong connection between outdoor nature and indoors. It gives an illusion of one continuous space whether you choose natural tiles, concrete or wood. Take a look at this beautiful flooring from Mandarin Stone for ideas on stone patios.

Mandarin Stone

Borrow the landscape indoors

If you overlook a fabulous view in the countryside or coastline or indeed your garden is a great space, work your indoor living space around these views. Position windows or patio doors around landscapes or if you have space install sliding or bifold doors along the full width of open plan living spaces.

Borrowed landscape

Patio plants and indoor plants

Arranging a mixture of potted plants on the hard landscaping of the patio forms a natural link between the plants, shrubs and trees planted directly in the soil. Indoor plants help to clean the air inside by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and produce oxygen and have been proven to reduce fatigue and improve respiratory congestion. Why not try a living wall installed by Oasis

Living Wall

Continuity of style

Make sure the style of your indoors reflects the outdoors. Choose similar natural materials and colours for garden furniture, soft furnishings and parasols. This garden furniture from Next is perfect.

 A Focal Point in the Garden

Creating a focal point in the garden takes the eye immediately into the outdoors and is a great talking point. How about this fabulous barbecue from Ofyr which is not only great for outdoor entertaining, it’s a work of art in itself!

Decorate using elements found in nature

If you see something outside that you love like a stone, a pinecone, a rock a branch, etc. bring it home with you and place it on a coffee table. Collect some shells from the beach and make a beautiful mobile or simply collect some greenery and make a centrepiece for the table.

Displaying outdoor photographs or artwork

A simple way of bringing the outdoors indoors is to display landscape artwork or photographs of nature inside. Rather than storing your favourite photos on the cloud, take some time to print them or arrange in a collage using an online service like Photobox.



If you have been inspired to bring some of the outdoors indoor and would like some advice on a new bespoke kitchen call us on 0161 4837821 for a free design consultation.