Have you got the January blues after removing the Christmas tree from your home? There may be a scientific reason for this. Research proves that plants and trees in the home reduce stress levels, increase productivity and boost mood. They also purify the air, keeping debris away from your lungs. So why not add some house plants into your kitchen and provide all year round natural décor?

Herb Garden

Live herbs growing on a kitchen windowsill look beautiful or how about a bespoke herb box inlayed into your kitchen island like the one below we designed for a stainless steel worktop in Heaton Moor? And of course keeping herbs in your kitchen such as basil, sage, parsley, coriander and thyme will enable you to cook up a delicious dish anytime.

Kitchen Mantel plants

Make a statement with a single plant like an ivy trailing down your kitchen mantle or perhaps you prefer a matching pair of white Kalanchoe either side of a kitchen clock or lightbox?

Hanging plants

If space is a problem why not hang plants from the ceiling either in a single gorgeous metallic pot or a mix and match collection of trailing plants and ferns. Succulents are ideal plants for hanging baskets as they don’t take much watering and come in an array of robust shapes and sizes.

Kitchen shelves

Literally bring a shelf to life by positioning plants amongst your oils and spices, coloured glasses or tea caddy’s. Fresh green leaves compliment any colour scheme and the natural structure of plants cast beautiful shadows on the walls in the evening.

Kitchen window

The kitchen sink windowsill is often the best place to position indoor plants and herbs in the kitchen, benefiting from the natural light, even temperature and humidity. It’s also much easier to remember to keep them well watered!

Broken plan kitchen divider with plants.

How about using a wall of plants on shelving to create a natural divider between the kitchen and living area. You can grow you collection gradually by using a subscription service such as Bloom Box.  Broken plan is an alternative to a completely open plan kitchen. The idea is to zone your open plan living space, using items of furniture or large plants, into areas for specific functions. This allows families to be together in one space but carry out different activities with a bit more privacy.

If you are inspired to start your own indoor garden in your kitchen and want a few more ideas why not visit our portfolios. Alternatively give us a call on 0161 4837821 if you are looking to update your kitchen and would like a quote or email us on our contact page.