As well as adding that ‘wow’ factor to your kitchen, a kitchen island can serve so many more other functions.

Additional storage by way of drawers, pull out shelves and cabinets, and separate recycling bins can easily be housed in an island.

You can also house additional amenities in your island such as preparation sinks, refrigerated doors, wine coolers, microwaves, dishwashers, the options are limitless.

Islands can act as a informal dining areas for adults and kids alike and are a great focal point for entertaining.

If you are a ‘show off’ chef why not display your skills with the addition of a hob in your island?

We can design and hand make islands to fit the size of your kitchen because we tailor make every kitchen to your exact specifications. We are not constrained by ‘standard sized units,’ everything we make is unique. What is more, you don’t pay extra for the bespoke service.

Take a look at the link below for ideas on the configurations of different islands