Ever thought of glass cabinetry in your kitchen but are a little daunted about putting the contents of your cupboards on display? At Handcrafted Kitchens we’ve seen a steady rise in popularity over the last couple of years and we actually think it’s about choosing the right things to display and styling them well.

Styling cabinets has to combine practicality and function

It won’t look great if you try to cram too much in one place. Try stacking bowls and plates and maintain a level of symmetry by placing the tallest items on the top or centre shelf with shorter items either side. Use the odd number principle when you are grouping decorative items such as vases or bottles, choose 3 or 5 pieces.

Much like open shelves, glass cabinets are practical in that you can see where you have stored every day items but they have the added benefit of keeping dust at bay. They also allow you to display beautiful glass wear and crockery or treasures from the past. Because light bounces off glass cabinets they brighten up a bank of cabinetry particularly in subdued lighting and can add colour and interest.

Glazed cabinets

If you are not yet convinced you could always opt for etched glazing so you can’t actually see inside the cabinets! How about adding a personal touch like the foreign language themed glazed cabinets we made and installed in Glossop ?

Or perhaps you prefer plain etched glazing like in this Classic shaker kitchen in Wilmslow ?

A glazed pantry or dresser whether freestanding or integrated can be used to show off all your dinner service. Position it near your kitchen table and it’s also convenient to set the table. You could even install LED lighting to illuminate your wears and add some atmospheric lighting.

A freestanding bar is an elegant addition to an open plan living space, perhaps in a contrasting colour to the kitchen. You may opt for glazed cabinets to store glasses in with open shelves in the middle of the cabinet for bottles and cocktail making equipment.

Add a touch of class with antique mirror backed glass for optimal light reflection.

Alternatively add an art deco pattern onto the glazing like the wall cabinets in the two tone kitchen below.

Whether or not glass cabinets are for you, if you’d like to discuss the requirements for your new kitchen why not give us a call on 0161 4837821 or drop us an email at info@handcrafted-kitchens.co.uk and if you’re quick you’ll qualify for a free Quooker Pro 3 chrome hot water tap.