kitchen shelves

Whether kitchen shelves are open, behind glass or perhaps in a kitchen dresser, they can bring life into a kitchen creating warmth and a sense of unique familiarity. But a kitchen has to be functional, right? So how do you achieve both style and function with kitchen shelving? Here are a few tips to create gorgeously styled, yet practical kitchen shelves:-

kitchen shelves
open kitchen shelving

1. Display crockery and cooking equipment you use every day

Having plates, bowls or tableware that you use every day on display makes sense. They are accessible for the whole family to prepare their own food and you won’t have to worry about them gathering dust as they’ll be through the dishwasher in no time. You don’t have to put them all on display though, just choose the right number of bowls or plates for family members in the house and keep the rest stored elsewhere.

2. Zoning

Group crockery and food storage in areas that you intend to use them so they have purpose and look cohesive together. In a breakfast larder cabinet for example you may store items for morning food preparation such as a bread bin, kettle, toaster, coffee machine, cereals, coffee mugs and a variety of teas. If you don’t have a larder cabinet position open shelving near your kettle where you can keep cups, a teapot, a cafetière, and a variety of teas and coffee. Keep your favourite cookery books, herbs, spices, oils and kitchen implements by your range cooker or hob so you are inspired to experiment.

3. Personalise your shelves

Make your bespoke kitchen as comfortable and inviting as possible by introducing personal items such as paintings, books decorative ornaments and mementoes that are sentimental. Children’s paintings, photos and postcards can instantly add personality to a mixture of crockery and glassware.

open shelving

4 .Group like items together

Group together a set of tumblers or a cluster of items with a similar colour which may look lost as a single piece. Vary the heights of the groups; you may place a stack of horizontal plates beside a vertical group of glasses or add further height by adding a bowl on top of the plates. Consider using layers like placing a picture or a beautiful plate behind a group of cups to create depth.

5. Use the rule of threes

Grouping items in threes is a key rule of stylists. Our eyes are drawn to odd numbers. You can achieve the same effect using one larger item or 5 smaller items. It may be cookbooks, bowls or bottles of varying height. Of course you usually buy plates and glasses in 4’s or 6’s which looks fine because they are often exactly the same and can be visualised as a whole if stacked on top of each other.

6. Mix textures

Use contrasting textures on your shelves. Most of your practical everyday tableware is likely to be smooth glass and ceramic so mix it up with occasional ware in rich textures such as cut or coloured glass, fine porcelain or shiny metallic finishes. The rough texture of functional objects such as natural wood chopping boards or unglazed ceramics can act as a beautiful contrast to smooth textures.

7. Vary the height

Keep in mind the height of objects on your shelves. Create an interesting line for your eye to follow by varying the size, height and shape on your shelves or it will look flat and boring. You may want to include a large low bowl on your shelves then a tall jug then a shorter stack of plates and tall glasses.

8. Add Greenery

Plants will literally breath life into your kitchen and add welcome vibrant colour into a neutral coloured kitchen. Decorative trailing plants are particularly suited to kitchen shelving breaking up the hard lines and filling shelves with additional texture and organic form. Why not add some herbs for instant fresh tasty cooking ingredients?

At handcrafted kitchen everything we make is unique, no two bespoke kitchens are ever the same because we believe a kitchen should be designed around you. We often incorporate open and glass kitchen shelving into our bespoke kitchen plans because our clients love the individuality it creates.

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