We love using our expertise as kitchen designers to help and guide clients who are planning to build a new extension or indeed renovate a whole property. We are an innovative and unique kitchen company in Cheshire in that we not only design kitchens, we make every single part of the kitchen to clients exact specification in our own workshop. We take time with our clients to discuss how an open plan kitchen design project will work as a whole in their home. We study the architect’s plans or visit on site before the plans are drawn, we will then discuss the lifestyle our clients want to achieve in order that we may design something which will not only look stunning but function perfectly and uniquely for each individual client. Take a look at our top tips below to achieve the perfect open plan kitchen.

Design allocated zones for cooking, dining, socialising and working.

bespoke kitchen furniture

Whether designing a Classic Shaker Kitchen or a Modern kitchen, a good way to create zones is with an island unit. Whilst separating the kitchen and living-dining areas it allows the two areas to connect so the chef can still socialise whilst preparing dinner for friends in the evening and supervise the children during the day.

Consider the most efficient use of space.

Whilst the outlay for handmade bespoke kitchen cabinets will cost in excess of off the peg, fixed sized units don’t dismiss them as only being accessible for the luxury market. Painted handmade kitchen interiors can reduce the price of bespoke kitchens and you will benefit not only from a unique design, but you will be able to make use of every bit of available space. No need for fillers which have to be used when buying standard sized units. Additional bespoke items can also save space such as bench seating with integrated storage space either attached to the island or wall.

Make it functional.

Ensure the working part of the kitchen functions ergonomically by adhering to the classic work triangle between sink, fridge and hob to cut down on footwork using the island to help shorten the distances where necessary.

Make your kitchen as unique as you are!

Consider your household dynamic and prioritise activities. You are unique, and your kitchen should work for you, and everyone who shares the house with you, even the animals!

Conceal kitchen clutter

bespoke pantry with tidy shelves

Hide bread bins, microwave, coffee and tea making facilities in a bespoke larder with traditional or bifold doors, or tambour unit in a contemporary kitchen. Use a double sink to hide dirty pots and install a Quooker boiling water tap for instant hot water and clutter free work surfaces. Ensure all appliances are integrated to hide any unsightly appliances.

Consider interior design

bespoke interior design

Use a similar palette of materials and a complementary colour scheme across the whole area. Using freestanding cabinets for drinks and display cabinets in the living areas and matching bespoke seating and tables in the dining area will create a cohesive interior.

Make the most of natural light to keep a vibrant feel to the room.

Consider wall to wall patio bifold or sliding doors or large static walls of glass to ensure the outside and inside connect.

Optimise the space in your kitchen

Design the kitchen floor to match the material used on the patio in either stone or wood to create the impression of continuity and allow a seamless flow into the garden.


Avoid lingering cooking smells by ensuring you use ducted ventilation removing air outside rather than recirculating ventilation whether you use free standing hood or integrate the ventilation into a mantle above the range or cupboard above an induction hob.

Consider noise

If possible put washing machines and dryers into a utility. Whilst you need a powerful extractor, ensure the noise level is acceptable. Invest in low decibel appliances. Introduce soft furnishings such as rugs/ carpets/ wall panelling in some areas to soften the noise of hard flooring and glazing.

Consider lighting

lighting in bespoke fitted kitchen

Consider a combination of ambient (general lighting), task lighting for food preparation and under cupboards and accent lighting to highlight features such as the island. Thought needs to be given to the tasks undertaken in the room. Pendant lights over a kitchen table will look stunning for dinner parties but consider additional lighting to enable the space to be used for working at the table.


Consider the same flooring throughout the kitchen diner to give the impression of space or a hard-wearing low maintenance floor in the kitchen and something softer underfoot in the other areas such as wood or carpet.

If you would like a free consultation with our experienced open plan kitchen designers to plan your kitchen, then please call us on 07894666301.