A beautifully crafted wooden worktop fitted onto a handmade kitchen makes such a simple and elegant statement. Whatever your preference of wood, oak, ash, iroko or walnut, a wooden worktop oozes natural warmth and character that is hard to beat. Whilst it requires a little more maintenance than some other worktop materials, regular oiling is a small price to pay for the benefits enjoyed.

Here are 10 reasons why we recommend wooden worktops:-


One of the main advantages of a wooden work surface is that it will never go out of style and suits any type of home from Victorian Mansion to Terraced Cottage, new build semi to an apartment block. Natural materials simply don’t go out of fashion like some man made work surfaces. So if you choose the latest fashionable colour to paint your handmade kitchen you can be sure that a wooden worktop will not only complement this colour but it will suit any other colour you chose to repaint it in years to come. And wooden work surfaces don’t just suit Classic Shaker Kitchens, they look equally in keeping in Farmhouse Kitchens, Modern Scandi, and Contemporary Kitchens.

Improves with age

Did you know a solid wood worktop will actually improve its appearance over time if it is well looked after and can last a lifetime. The wood will develop a patina as it ages causing the natural colour to become deeper, enhancing its appearance, gaining a unique character.


Each wooden worktop is individual and personal to you because no two pieces of wood are the same as grain on every single piece is unique. This creates a fantastic character that complements contemporary design as well as traditional kitchen design.


The natural integrity of wood means that solid wood worktops are very strong and durable. They are also easy to fit and can be shaped into all sorts of interesting designs to suit the shape of your room. What’s more, you are not restricted to a slab size like quartz, granite and marble. And if you happen to have an accident, they are easy to repair. Dents can be sanded and filled, stains and scuffs polished or sanded down and re-oiled. A solid wood work surface will need sealing to prevent water from soaking into it but as long as it is oiled regularly it will last for many years.

Antibacterial qualities

A wooden work surface is perfect for those who worry about hygiene in the kitchen particularly when preparing food. Wood has natural antibacterial properties which deters bacteria from lingering on the work surface which is why they are traditionally used for chopping blocks and the inside of a kitchen larder.

Wooden worksurface

Reasonable in Price

Wood varies in price, depending on the type of wood and the quality. It is more expensive than laminate as you would expect, but less expensive than quartz or granite and can provide a more homely appearance, particularly with a tiled floor.


Not only does the appearance of a wooden work surface give you a warm glow inside, it’s warmer to touch than worktops made from natural stone or quartz which are cold.

Mix and Match with other materials

The great thing about a wooden worktop is that you can mix and match it with other materials. If you are worried about the maintenance near the sink, use quartz, marble or granite and opt for a wooden kitchen island work surface.

Wooden worksurface

Absorbs sound

When a plate is put on the top of a wooden work surface you will hardly hear it as the sound is absorbed unlike a stone work surface which is noisier. Wood is quieter than other work surfaces such as granite or quartz because it isn’t as dense a material.

Eco Friendly

Most wood used for kitchen work surfaces comes from sustainably managed forests so it is environmentally friendly. If you obtain a wooden worktop from a salvage yard you’ll find it’s not only friendly to the environment, it’s likely to be friendlier to your pocket! What’s more you will have a piece of wood that has a beautifully aged patina.

Wooden worksurface
Wooden worksurface

If you are interested in installing a wooden work surface in your new handmade kitchen why not make an appointment for a free consultation and we will talk you through the options.