If you are planning your dream kitchen, whether is it a new kitchen extension or a replacement of your old kitchen the new year is the perfect time to start looking!

We’ve been providing bespoke Cheshire kitchens for many years now and we know that the kitchen is, for most people, the central hub of the home, and there is already a move towards using the space in a multifunctional way; a haven of warmth and source of nourishment in the morning converting to a place for entertainment in the evening. It, therefore, makes sense to put a great deal of thought into planning the perfect kitchen design; whether you prefer a modern minimalist look, classic shaker kitchen or traditional rustic country style timber kitchen.

In 2019 it is all about achieving the balance between beautiful aesthetics and functionality, assisted of course with technology to make life a little easier! With this in mind, we reveal the top ten trends for 2019 that will help you plan your dream kitchen.

bespoke kitchen larder

#1 Bespoke Pantries and Kitchen Larders

A bespoke larder continues to be one of the biggest trends going into 2019. If you have the space, a separate room with open shelving is ideal and helps keep food at the right temperature away from central heating. Perhaps convert part of the utility room or move the laundry facilities upstairs to have a walk in larder.

If space is at a premium a well designed bespoke larder cabinet in the kitchen is not only an item of great beauty but the storage capacity for food and equipment is invaluable, not to mention it’s versatility. A larder with bifold doors opening onto a quartz work surface can look just as attractive with the doors open as closed and can hide away all those free standing items like a kettle, toaster and bread bin neatly behind closed doors when breakfast is finished. With a larder cabinet there is no excuse for the family to prepare their own breakfast !

small bespoke kitchen island

#2 Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island is now the ‘must have’ of any new kitchen. Whatever the size it adds a touch of luxury and creates a social place to gather serving as an additional informal dining area and extra storage, it can even provide a place to party!

Peninsula islands can work particularly well in open plan kitchens if you want to create a zone for the kitchen area or if you have an L shaped kitchen. Our prediction for 2019 is that waterfall worktops, a surface that flows to the edge of the worktop covering the side, reaching to the floor will grow in popularity.

bespoke peninsula island

#3 Bench and Banquette Seating in Kitchens

Built in bench and banquette seating are becoming ever more popular as the kitchen is becoming a more communal space for living and lounging. They are space efficient and offer the option of additional storage with lift up hinges on the seating or drawers below. At Handcrafted Kitchens we can make built-in benches and tables to match, we can even incorporate somewhere for the furry members of the family to sleep in your bench seating!

bespoke kitchen bench seating

#4 Dark Green and Blue Kitchens

Dark green and blue coloured kitchens will endure into 2019 adding a  sense of drama and luxury, particularly when combined with light quartz worktops and soft metallic door furniture and accessories. The beauty of earthy natural tones is that they are easily adapted to both modern and traditional settings – particularly country style kitchen units. Black kitchens will begin to return in 2019 as the trend for the darker colour palette is embraced. At Handcrafted Kitchens we can paint kitchens any colour you require and provide colour samples for you to take away and try in your own home.

Green bespoke Kitchen

#5 Sustainable Kitchens

Wooden kitchens from a sustainable source will grow in popularity in 2019. Not only are they an environmentally friendly choice, but the longevity of the kitchen also ensures they will serve the family for many years to come so no need to replace as trends change. A painted wooden kitchen can be updated easily with a new coat of paint and door furniture.

sustainable bespoke kitchen

#6 Bespoke Storage in Kitchens

The demand for bespoke storage will rise in 2019 in both compact and larger kitchens as the desire to use storage space more effectively. Ceiling height cupboards and tall units with overhead cabinets offering vast additional storage will be a big trend.

At Handcrafted Kitchens in Cheshire we often add a half unit storage facility under our kitchen islands which gives the impression of panelling from the front of the island but opens with a slight push to reveal valuable storage space for anything from accessories for table settings and vases, kids homework to mobile phone and other tech charging points.

#7 Multifunctional trough in kitchen islands for champagne or herbs!

‘Staying in’ is the new ‘going out’ so entertaining in the kitchen is a key function! Wine racks and wine coolers are ‘must haves’ in the modern kitchen and for those with a taste for Champagne, a sunken champagne cooler in the island is key to success for a stay at home party. And in the day time the champagne cooler functions as a herb garden, amazing!

bespoke champagne trough

#8 Rustic timber kitchens

Traditional wooden surfaces such as oak and walnut with beautifully rich grain will continue to rise in popularity. Combining a mix of materials with a variety of tactile finishes such as granite quartz and wooden cabinetry with glass will also become more popular. Reeded glass in cabinets with open shelving gives a relief from closed wooden wall cabinets. The semi opaque glass allows a glimpse of what is behind but not the entire contents so maintaining a sense of order but adds intrigue.

rustic timber bespoke kitchen

#9 Sleek minimalist kitchens

Clean pared – back, streamlined kitchens with clutter-free work surfaces are key features for 2019. Practical working spaces perhaps with an  industrial edge have a timeless appeal and are as desirable from an aesthetic perspective as from a practical view. Quooker hot water taps will dispense the need for the kettle cluttering the work surface and selecting key positions for plug and USB cables in drawers and cabinets will rid the kitchen of unsightly plug points. Soft close, handless drawers and push open doors draw the eye to the quality of the cabinets without the distraction of handles.

sleek minimalist bespoke kitchen

#10 Old and New Merging

There will be a move toward free-standing individual pieces of furniture in the kitchen rather than all the same matching cabinets to give a more eclectic look. In a world where sustainability is high on the agenda, this will allow vintage furniture to be upcycled and integrated into the kitchen scheme and for a more personal touch to be entwined into the whole kitchen design. The vintage plates inherited from your granny will not look out of place in a kitchen which manages to truly integrate old and new. At Handcrafted Kitchens we are happy to spray an older piece of furniture to add to your kitchen or kitchen diner and living space

mixing old and new in your bespoke kitchen

If you have been inspired by the contents of this article and would like to speak to us about your new kitchen plans for 2019 call Mary at Handcrafted Kitchens on 07894666301 or email us on info@handcrafted-kitchens.co.ukto discuss how we can help. We take a holistic approach to kitchen design to encompass how the kitchen integrates with everyone in the home. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you a happy new year.