During lockdown, more than ever before, the kitchen has become the central hub of our homes, serving a multitude of functions. We have of course, used our kitchens for vital nourishment of our families but we’ve also used them to nurture our children whilst learning from home and to work from home ourselves. Without external entertainment our kitchens have replaced restaurants and pubs, kids play centres, libraries and the gym!

With such a mix of activities it’s made a lot of people think about how they might undergo a kitchen renovation to make it work in a more multifunctional way for the whole family. And according to Property Price Advice, it makes financial sense, adding up to 15% to the value of your home.

So where do you start when you are looking to renovate your kitchen? Why not follow our kitchen renovation guide below:-

Kitchen Altrincham

Design stage

At Handcrafted Kitchens we know everyone has individual needs and tastes which is why our choice of kitchen design is limitless. We make everything in our Cheshire workshop from start to finish so we don’t have to restrict your choice of kitchen to a number of model names, everything we make is individually tailored for you.

This is good news for those who want something a little bit special and unique. It’s also perfect if your home is not quite a traditional shape or size. Sometimes an endless choice can be confusing but don’t worry, our designers are expert in asking questions to find out exactly what you are looking for!


Preparation – what to bring to your design consultation

Renovating your kitchen is such an exciting time with lots of things to think about, so relax and enjoy it!

On you first meeting with us we suggest you bring with you the following:-

  • Any architects plans you have or your own hand drawn plans with room dimensions and services indicated such as electricity and water. If you are having any new building work done it’s great for us to be involved at the early stages so we can make suggestions to accommodate a kitchen that works exactly how you want it.
  • Photographs of your current space or any 3D images you have which depicts how the new space will look.
  • Mood boards and samples of kitchen styles, colours, textures and materials you like. This could be an on line mood board such as Pinterest which you could send us a link to or you could bring us a physical mood board with pictures from lifestyle magazines and any samples you have.
  • Make sure you bring with you any other interested party in the project such as your husband or wife so we can find out both your preferences. And, let us know if you have anyone else living at home and if they have any disabilities so that we can ensure adequate access arrangements for them. And finally, you may want to let us know if you have any pets for whom you would like a special place to sleep!
  • Think about a budget for your kitchen so that we can work towards achieving the optimum plan for you.


  • Make a ‘wish list’ of appliances. You may not know which make or model of ovens you would like at this stage but think about how much oven space you require and the style of oven. Do you prefer a separate hob and oven or would you like a range cooker? Do you have a preference to cook on gas or would you prefer an energy saving induction hob? The type of fridge you would like may have an impact on kitchen design. An American fridge freezer requires a larger space than separate integrated fridge and freezers so consider which is the best option for you. Include every appliance on your list and then if necessary you can amend it to keep to your budget.
  • Make a ‘wish list’ of specific cabinetry such as larder cabinets, kitchen mantel, kitchen island, glazed cabinetry or integrated family seating area.
  • Make a ‘definitely not list’ whilst making your ‘wish list!’ It’s as important to us we know what you don’t like as it is to know what you do like. Take a look around your existing kitchen and make a note of what really annoys you about it and we promise not to repeat it!
  • Make a note of the colours you are drawn to when you look on line or in magazines. This may be a single colour or you may want to pick a stronger colour for the kitchen island with surrounding cabinets in more neutral tones. You may prefer natural wood cabinets or use a combination of quartz and natural wood worktops.
  • Keep an open mind when you look at options in your new space. Sometimes you may not be quite sure what you are looking for, it’s our job to make sure we ask you all the right questions so that you can make informed decisions on the right kitchen design for you within your budget. And don’t worry if the first design isn’t absolutely right, we will work with you until you are absolutely thrilled with your final kitchen design.


Plan for the future

If you are planning a kitchen extension or wholesale reconfiguration of rooms we recommend you plan your kitchen before the building work starts. This will give you the maximum choice of kitchen layout options. Our kitchens are bespoke to your exacting design so any small changes during the building process may have an impact on your kitchen plans.

Every kitchen we design is different. Factors which may influence the design you chose include your individuals taste, the style of the home, the size of the kitchen and of course the budget. When looking at your budget you must consider the cost of appliances and any building work which will include, flooring, tiling, plumbing , electrics and painting. We will of course give you a breakdown of costs for your kitchen design so that you are comfortable and in control of the budget.

As well as looking at your current needs we recommend looking at what you may need in the future to make the most of your investment in a bespoke kitchen. This means ensuring, for example, you have enough storage and refrigeration space for a growing family. If you have young children you might want to ensure that there is enough space for a large kitchen table to accommodate new additions and for grandparents.


Kitchen Style

If you are unsure about which bespoke kitchen style is for you don’t worry, our kitchen designers will help you by asking a few important questions which will determine what kitchen style will suit your home. The choice is mostly a personal one but the property type may dictate your choice.

For example if you have a Victorian property it is more likely that you will want a Classic design, perhaps with cock beading around the door and drawer cabinets. In a more contemporary home a kitchen with slab doors would be an option, but almost any style of kitchen cabinetry can be created for a modern home.

In a cottage a simple Shaker design will always be at home with a smooth or rustic finish to create a country kitchen look. Many of our kitchens can be adapted with alternative cornice and colours to look more traditional or modern. Why not take a look at our portfolios for some inspiration.


Finishing touches

The finishing touches can make all the difference to your kitchen. At Handcrafted Kitchens we don’t limit you to the choice of colour of your kitchen, you can choose any colour you wish or combine one or more colours together.

We will show you a selection of door furniture but again we don’t limit your choice, if you wish to purchase your own handles, we are happy to accommodate this so that your kitchen is absolutely unique. We will also help you select worktops and splash-backs that complement your kitchen and your budget.


If you would like to book your free design consultation why not complete our contact page or give us a call on 01614837821, we look forward to meeting you.