Now more than ever we are looking for ways to improve our health and wellbeing and given that the kitchen is the busiest place in the home it’s worth giving some thought on how to improve your existing kitchen or if you are planning an extension it’s good to incorporate ways to encourage healthy habits.

If you are not sure where to start here are a few tips on how to make some improvements in your kitchen:-

Appliances for healthy eating

Having the right tools for preparing healthy food can make things so much easier so take a look at the following:-

  • Cuisinart Food Processor – A food processor is incredibly versatile since you could use it for something as simple as cutting up veggies for a meal making your own pesto, hummus, chopping nuts, making dressing , even homemade sorbets and ice cream (reduced sugar of course!)
  • Quooker Tap – This instant hot and cold water tap is perfect for encouraging all the family to drink more water whether you like hot drinks or cold. The newest model even dispenses carbonated water.
  • Nutribullet Blender – This is one of our favourites to store in your kitchen larder, ready for your morning smoothie, a perfect way to start the day.They are also great to prepare soups and sauces.
  • Kitchen Aid SpiraliserA spiriliser can transform raw fruit and vegetables instantly into spaghetti-like strands, so you can ditch the carbs forever!
  • Miele Steam Oven – This intuitive cooker gently steams food giving perfectly even cooking ensuring all the nutrients are retained without the need for fatty oils.

Natural Light

If your kitchen has natural daylight flooding through, you instantly feel more alert and ready to work compared with harsh electric lights. So if you are planning an extension consider the size of windows and doors to give you a room with a view. And, if it’s a one storey extension think about incorporating some roof lanterns.

Kitchen Design for Health and Wellbeing


A tidy kitchen promotes a tidy mind! Spring is the ideal time to declutter and organise your kitchen. Organise your kitchen so that regularly used items are at an easy waist height and less often occasional items are in placed on high shelves that are more awkward to reach. Make sure your knives are stored in a kitchen block or bespoke dividers in your drawers in order to keep them safe, organised and sharp. Peg boards in drawers are a great idea to keep pans and plates organised. Zone the kitchen into prep, cooking, storage, refrigeration areas where possible and think of how the flow will work.

Kitchen Design for Health and Wellbeing

Family Dining

Make sure you eat with the family at least once a day. Switch of the TV and don’t allow phones at the dinner table so that you can encourage conversation in the family.

Kitchen Design for Health and Wellbeing

Plants in your kitchen

The more plants the better in your kitchen! They are not only useful when cooking if you keep herbs for example they purify the air, and promote a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Kitchen Design for Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing area

Creating a special ‘me time’ oasis in the kitchen can help bring a sense of calm when all around may be a little too much. This may simply be your seat at the kitchen island, a chair looking out to the garden or a window seat where you can have a cup of tea, cuddle the cat, read a book or simply look outside at the birds in the garden.

Kitchen Design for Health and Wellbeing
Kitchen Design for Health and Wellbeing

Multiple work surfaces

The more work surfaces to prepare food really encourages cooking together with the family and means you can be more creative with your cooking so make sure your kitchen design incorporates plenty of work surfaces so everyone can get involved.

Kitchen Design for Health and Wellbeing

Separate hand washing sink

We are all acutely aware at the moment of the importance of washing hands but it is especially important when preparing food so why not build in a separate hand washing sink or install a double sink or a 1.5 sink so there is always a hygienic place to wash your hands

Kitchen Design for Health and Wellbeing

If you would like a free design consultation to discuss the design of your new bespoke kitchen why not get in touch by phone, email or Skype. We look forward to designing you a kitchen for health and wellbeing.