Bespoke Shaker Kitchen for a new build timber frame home in Grasmere

The first time you catch a glimpse of this wonderful New England style home, nestled on the hillside, over looking gorgeous Grasmere, you simply can not help falling in love with the warmth, charm and tranquillity it exudes. Perhaps it’s the Scandinavian origins of this [...]

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12 Golden Rules To Keep Your Kitchen Clutter Free

We have all seen immaculately tidy bespoke kitchens manchester in glossy magazines before a photo shoot, but how do you keep a real working kitchen clutter free? Follow these 12 golden rules to keep a clutter-free kitchen:- 1. Keep countertops clear A great starting point for a clutter-free kitchen is to keep countertops clean [...]

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Historic Terraced Cottage Kitchen Extension in Romiley, Stockport

Our client had amazing vision when she purchased a historic terraced cottage in the village of Romiley, Stockport. From the outside, it looks like a quaint terraced cottage in an old Cheshire village. But step inside and she has created a spectacular open plan ground floor [...]

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The Modern Country Kitchen

The Classic kitchen design style gets a modern upgrade. Typically made with natural materials that reflect underlying warmth,  featuring range style cookers and Belfast sinks, country kitchens exude a certain comfortable character whilst echoing images of healthy rural living. Country kitchens have wide-ranging appeal to town and [...]

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Why English Country Style Kitchens are here to stay.

It’s not so long ago that high gloss, handleless kitchens were the 'must have' for the modern family kitchen. Floor to ceiling, clinically uniform banks of bland cabinets and integrated appliances were de rigueur in city living and suburban houses alike. However, as people have looked to invest their hard earned cash in their ‘forever [...]

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Kitchen Lighting: Everything You Need To Know

Creating a well planned, innovative lighting scheme can give your kitchen the wow factor you have been looking for! Whilst most kitchens are now being used in a multifunctional way, it is essential to think about the individual functions of each area so that you can control the ambience in accordance to the activity [...]

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Expert Tips On How To Extend Your Kitchen

Having worked with Handcrafted Kitchens to design their perfect open plan kitchen diner, leading Stockport Chartered Architectural Technologists Mr and Mrs Adshead of AG Architectural Solutions share some expert advice on the essential do’s and don’ts of planning a kitchen extension:- Do consult your local planning office to ask what work [...]

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