Designing a kitchen for Entertaining – 8 top tips!

While entertaining guests in the home is just a dream at the moment, it won’t be long before we can welcome family and friends back, now the Covid vaccination programme is under way. One of the benefits of lockdown has been that we’ve all improved our culinary skills so it’s the ideal time to look [...]

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Are Glass Kitchen Cabinets for you?

Ever thought of glass cabinetry in your kitchen but are a little daunted about putting the contents of your cupboards on display? At Handcrafted Kitchens we’ve seen a steady rise in popularity over the last couple of years and we actually think it’s about choosing the right things to display and styling them well. [...]

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Create Calm with Kitchen House Plants

Have you got the January blues after removing the Christmas tree from your home? There may be a scientific reason for this. Research proves that plants and trees in the home reduce stress levels, increase productivity and boost mood. They also purify the air, keeping debris away from your lungs. So why not add some [...]

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Home working bespoke office furniture, Cheshire

Working from home? Fed up of paperwork cluttering your living space? Future proof your home and invest in bespoke office furniture so that you can enjoy and relax working from home. Whether you have a whole room to dedicate to a home study or you simply want to utilise unused space in a hall way, [...]

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Make your kitchen perfect for Christmas 2020 shopping locally

Christmas 2020 will certainly be a Christmas none of us will forget for a while. But, with the welcome news that three households can gather together during the holiday time we all look forward, like never before, to a family Christmas. So, whether you will be celebrating Christmas in the kitchen, dining room or open [...]

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