A tap is not usually a priority when you are designing a bespoke kitchen, but increasingly the hot water tap by Quooker is becoming a ‘must have’ for our discerning clients. They are not only convenient, providing instant 100° C hot water, they are stylish and energy efficient.

Energy and time efficient

If you install a Quooker hot water tap you will always have the convenience of instant hot water without waiting for the kettle to boil, perfect for those who lead a busy life. A Quooker tap is the most energy efficient hot water appliance for the kitchen; it ensures you have the exact amount of water you need without waste and the insulated tank it means you save energy and money when heating cold water. The water stays exceptionally fresh as the tank uses an active carbon filter which not only makes the water taste better but prevents a build up of limescale.

Quooker chef

A hot water tap can not only be used for instant tea and coffee it’s also a fantastic aid in food preparation. From instantly steaming green leaf vegetables to poaching salmon or eggs, and soaking couscous or noodles, a Quooker will revolutionise the way you cook. And for busy young families, sterilising babies bottles is instant.

Quooker cooking fish

Why Quooker?

We think they are the best hot water tap on the market! They were the first boiling 100° C water tap in the world, invented in 1970 by Henri Peteri and continue to innovate with the latest in the collection, the Quooker CUBE. This tap has the added feature of dispensing instant filtered sparkling or chilled water as well as boiling, hot and cold. Sustainability is at the heart of the design ensuring you can improve your single use plastic usage.

Open Plan Kitchen Quooker

Safety first

The safety features of Quooker are second to none. The flow of water is not a solid jet unlike a kettle that could cause a serious burn in an instant. A sophisticated safety system ensures the Quooker with never automatically dispense boiling water as you have to press the handle twice and turn it. This helps to protect young children. In addition the button has a lighted ring that illuminates while the tap is on to warn the user and is insulated so it doesn’t feel hot to touch.

Quooker safety

The Flex

The Quooker Flex is a 3 in one tap that dispenses 100° C boiling water, hot and cold and has a flexible pull out hose for applying water pressure to wash vegetables, hard to clean pans or dispensing chilled water directly into glasses or pans.

The Quooker Fusion is a single tap that combines a mixer tap and boiling water functions and is available in a round or square finish. The Classic Quooker Fusion is a timeless classic that will look at home in every style of country kitchen.

Quooker Fusion Black


The Nordic Twintaps are a set comprising a kitchen tap and separate Quooker tap. The kitchen tap dispenses hot and cold water and the separate tap dispenses boiling water. These are available in round or square designs.

Quooker Nordic Tap

Quookers are available in many finishes to suit a Classic, Contemporary or County Kitchen including chrome, stainless steal , polished nickel, black, gold and patinated brass. If you would like to explore the options for your bespoke kitchen contact us now and for a limited time we will fit it for no extra charge.

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